Thursday, May 27, 2010

ABC of Pictures - Letter Z

Z is for..  Zed..not Zeeeeee!

For our end of year get together at work last year, we all had to pull a letter out of a hat, and come to the lunch dressed as something, or someone to do with that letter. Lucky me pulled out the letter Z, and after a lot of thought I decided to go as a ZOOKEEPER..
So here I am.. Z is for Zookeeper, yes that bag I am holding is "Kiwi Poo",  they are really chocolate covered raisins, the bucket was full of plastic animals, the pants and shirt cost me $5.00 each and the toy monkey was from the $2 shop.

The last time we were in Salt Lake City we got to visit the Hogle Zoo. Even though it was Autumn we had a great day, and loved it.

Emma enjoying the rope web at the childrens area at Auckland Zoo, Summer 2009.
And that my friends is that, my ABC of pictures.


Evette Mendisabal

Awesome Mum! I have loved your ABC of pictures. My favourite picture was the daylily in your "I for Images" post. It'ssuch a pretty picture. I think it would look great blown up to 20x20 and framed on a wall. Nice work Mum. You have a great eye.

Just give the rest of us a chance to catch up with you and we'll start the next one.


I think you look fantastic.
I still say Zed and I'm a school teacher, the kids got used to it and ignored trying to 'correct' me in the end.
Masaru says zee but knows what it is when I say zed.
I'm not giving it up man.


love the spiderweb with the kid on...
you look cool!
Happy Thursday!


Well look at you! What a fun idea.

Ahhh, Hogle Zoo, I know it well:)

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