Sunday, May 2, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday

It's been a bit harder to find shadow time this week, the weather has been cloudy and foggy, and when it is fine I seem to be at work.
Yesterday, after a day of heavy showers the sun came through for a short time and I managed to get a few shots .

This tree is a native to New Zealand, it is a Kowhai ( pronounced: co-fi), I love the way the shadows went from the bark garden up the concrete block wall. In Spring it will be ablaze with bright yellow flowers.

This is my favourite shot for the day. The places you go to find a shadow, this is the inside wall of the public toilets, which was an unusual place I know, to take this shot..  The same building as the shot above. What is it? It's this..

I only had about 20minutes to find my shadow shots before the sun disappeared behind the clouds and the rain started again. Me and my little point and shoot camera are not doing too bad.



I think you and your point and shoot are doing great.
I thought it was a cocoon.
Way off.

Sylvia K

I agree with Melissa, you and your point and shoot are doing a terrific job! I love your shadow shots for the day! Hope your weekend is going well! Enjoy!



I like the shadow, tiny little leaves like fern

Greyscale Territory

Interesting variety of shadows! Love the fine shadow detail of the fern!


Hi Angela!

Great shadows ~ your short window between clouds was most successful because these are great shots!

So nice visiting your blog! Thank you for stopping by my place and leaving your comment!

Kindly, ldh


Lovely shadows.

Chasing Purple Dreams

I'm so glad the sun came out and let you find some lovely shadows.
I think your doing a fabulous job with your point and shoot!


Great shadow shots.
Hope you have a relaxing Sunday and
a great week ahead!



shadow is magical, that's for sure:) I love your shadow shots!!


I love the public toilet shots - so unique! I never ever would have guessed!

Happy SSS!


You probably did get there just in time--
they probably lock that lock up at dark too.
Happy SSS to you.


Love what you did to chase shadows! Thanks for your visit.


Fantastic captures.Love the publi toilet shot the most. Thanks for sharing

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