Saturday, May 1, 2010

ABC of Pictures - Letter N

N is for....


Not the New York Times, or the Wall Street Journal, but the Franklin County News, our local community newspaper where I work as a Sales Consultant selling advertising. Our paper is "the" paper in our area, and we publish two papers a week on a Tuesday and Thursday.  We have a circulation of 25,437 and a readership of around 53,000 people.

Thursday's front page story , as you can see, was a real "feel good" story about Justin Bieber, who I have this week discovered is the latest teenage heartthrob. Hailing from Canada he was discovered through YouTube and apparently the rest is history. He was visiting a local school, as one of the students had won a prize for him to appear and hold a concert. I guess it was lots of fun, but that was Thursday and we are now working on next Tuesday's paper and...

as we all know, today's newspaper is tomorrow's Fish and Chip wrapper.




I wish today's newspaper was tomorrow's fish and chips wrapper over here.
Ahhhhhhhhh fish'n'chips...............


Man friday's would be awesome if there was fish'n'chips here.
We do movie night and fish'n'chips would be the icing on the cake baby.
It's funny you and Evette mentioned the spew kit cause Dru and I made up a list today and are in the process of making it as we speak.
Any suggestions?
With all your experience with spew and maybe spew in the car?

Evette Mendisabal

Very cool!!
I have no idea who the dude is though. I guess in a few years time it will be someone else and Emma's bedroom wall will be covered in pictures of him! UGH!! not looking forward to those days!
BTW where is your post about your award?


Dear Faithphil: Justin Beiber? Yes, he is close to where I was born in St. Marys Ontario. Another Youtube discovery like Susan Boyle. I heard something about Justin's mom being pushed with the fans; was that in New Zealand? NZ is such a beautiful country. Love the kiwi bird and platapus. Wasnt Lord of the Rings filmed there? Magnificent. Oh I love FishnChips too, do you have halibut or cod? We use to have Arthur Treachers but now we have mom and pop fishnchips places that are THE BEST! Maybe I'll visit one day; but then again, I might not want to leave! Gorgeous!

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