Sunday, May 9, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday..

                                   Shadow Shot Sunday from Hey Harriet over at:

Took these at one of the schools in our town. Very little sunshine today, and the shadows were playing hard to get. Decided to do them all in black& white to see if the shadows would come and play.

This is the shadow of the sign at the zebra crossing outside the school gate. The hook looking thing on the side is where the children place there "Stop" sign. When they have enough children waiting to cross they shout out " Signs out" and the sign swings out onto the road and the traffic has to stop and wait for the children to cross. When everyone has crossed safely they shout "Signs In" and the sign is swung back and the traffic moves away. It is a very big deal at school to be a crossing monitor.

Metal hook that latches back the door to the classroom.

One of six shade sails that the children sit under during their breaks.



cool mum


Fantastic shadow shots.

Evette Mendisabal

Very nostalgic shots mum! I always wanted to be a crossing monitor as a kid, and loved being on crossing duty as a teacher ... it was always fun to stand and greet all the kids as they walked to school. It amazed me when I started teaching that the kids still said the same thing "Signs out, Check, Cross now, Sign's in!" and that they were still as lou as they were when I was a kid!! LOL

The Summer Kitchen Girls

Looks like it paid off to use the black & white - the shots are fantastic! Fun to see the school yard & hear about crossing guards there. Here the kids have bright flags they hold out to stop traffic.
Have a great week!

Lily Hydrangea

Zebra crossing? Like in wild zebras?
Thanks for sharing your great shadows.
& happy Mother's Day too!


Great shadow shots.
Have a great week!

Magical Mystical Teacher

bright shade sail
relief from hot sun
at lunchtime

Shadows everywhere:
If Wisteria…
Shadowy descanso


Perfect in black and white! I especially love the door hook. Very striking.

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