Friday, May 28, 2010

Magpie Tales - #16

This is a prompt from a weekly writing theme hosted by Willow over at:


Here is my contribution for this week:

Sophie  stood in her mother's bedroom and looked around her. The room was still the same as it had been two years ago when her mother had passed away, nothing had been touched.  She picked up the scarf that hung on the side of the mirror and held it to her face, feeling it's silky softness against her skin, inhaling deeply hoping to find even a small trace of her mothers perfume. But it wasn't there, that familiar smell that she missed so much was gone.

Sophie put the scarf back, and moved over to the wardrobe. She opened the door and looked at the clothes still hanging there untouched. Running her hand through the clothes, she sighed and knelt down to see what was inside the boxes sitting on the floor of the wardrobe. She lifted the lids off and took out sandals,  sneakers, boots, walking shoes, slippers and finally in the last box she found the black shoes. She held them in her hands, looking at them closely, remembering how much her mother had loved them. She took her own shoes off and put the black shoes on. The fit was perfect. All of a sudde she heard a noise behind her. It was her sister, Stella, "Come on Soph, everyone is waiting downstairs for you, it's time to go" Sighing she stood up and brushed the creases out of her  wedding gown. She started to make her way down to where her family and friends were waiting, as she reached the top of the stairs she lifted up her gown and looked down at the black shoes thinking to herself:
"Something old, something new, something borrowed, Oh well it doesn't matter that it doesn't rhyme, at least I found them"


Sue J

This is lovely :)


You're amazing!
I love reading your stuff.

Evette Mendisabal

Mum, I think you need to take a writing class and start writing novels. Whenever I read one of these things I want to know more about what happens next. In ome ways it's just plain MEAN that there isn't more.

Fantastic as usual Mum!

She Writes

Sweet telling of sentiment.


Oh, I didn't expect your ending ... and it brought tears to my eyes. And gives me pause to remember my mother ~ in a happy way!

I visited NZ (North Island) in the mid 80's and fell head over heels in love with your country!


What a lovely story!

Everyday Goddess

love this!
so I gave you one of my weekly awards, come on by anytime to collect it!

Beverley Baird

What a lovely tale! I really enjoyed reading it.
Thanks so much for stopping by!


Okay, I admit it, there are tears in my eyes. This is beautiful. A wonderful story. Thank you.


This is just wonderful. Every girl should have her mother with her on her wedding day.


fun read,
love the last part...
fabulous magpie!


A bittersweet story, with a sweet aftertaste! I'm so glad the shoes fit her--my feet are the smallest in my family.


Dear Angela: This brought tears to my eyes; very touching! What a lovely way to remember her mother; although somewhat unusual! At least she'd be starting off on the right foot; a fitting inheritance!

Hey Harriet

Whoa! Your hubby is one tall guy! I like that circle thingie that you can attach your dog to. Makes a great shadow too! I enjoyed the morning stroll. And I didn't even have to put my walking shoes on :)

Have a great week!


This is a lovely and touching short story. Beautiful!


Beautiful shadow shots. I agree with you the chain shadow looks like the path is wearing necklace. Great captures.

Self Sagacity

I like your shadow shots! They are very creative finds.

Brian Miller

a beautiful magpie...i think she is heading in the right direction now...and who cares what others fits just fine with this


Lovely and bittersweet.


Love this invitation to Mom, who is obviously there!! So good!

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